Our Mission: To provide our customers with the highest quality isopropyl alcohol, alcohol, acetone, or general flammable liquid cleaning solutions with the lowest recurring cost and environmental impact. We have an absolute commitment to safety for these hazardous duty systems. All systems are Class I Division 1 Compliant (Fire and Explosion Proof) and are listed by ETL/Intertek.


Founded in 1994 in response to the drive for elimination of ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs) as part of the Montreal Protocol. Spec Sciences, Inc. eliminated ODCs at several electronics defense contractor locations where military specifications required rosin solder flux use.


A majority of the initial installations where retrofits of existing vapor degreasers, and Spec Sciences Inc. now offers a full line of state of the art cleaning systems to match your needs.



Addendum on Class I Division 1, 2 Hazardous Duty Areas

All Spec Sciences, Inc. machines are Class I Division 1 (hazardous duty area compliant) so that you can rest assured that our products are safe to use. Part of the safety consideration is that your location has to meet hazardous duty area requirements as well:


  • There must be a 5' radius around the machine that is free of ignition sources
    • This is an area where flammable vapors will be present under normal operation (Division 1 envelope)


  • There must be a 25' radius around the machine extending 3' above the ground plane where there can be no ignition sources
    •  This is because flammable vapors will be present under abnormal operation (during a spill, leak, etc.) within this zone. (Division 2 envelope)


To learn more about the requirements for Class I Division 1 Certification please review the guidelines provided in the National Electrical Code.



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