Bench top sized cleaning system provides power density of largest systems. Fully nitrogen inerted for fire protection. ETL approved as sold, no additional approvals required.

Product Summary

 Optional Air Driven pump and purification system reduce handling and improve product quality.

 Cooling Coils to Reduce Solvent Loss and Further Control Odor.

 ETL Listed Product

 All Stainless Steel Construction for Years, if not Generations of Service.

 10 Year Warranty on Ultrasonic Transducers

 Class 1 Division 1 Explosion Proof Electronics

 Nitrogen auto purge system for additional fire protection.

 Liquid level, over-temperature and nitrogen pressure interlocks.

 120V operation

 Spec Sciences, Inc.s most compact unit provides cleaning for parts up to 18X12.


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Flammable Liquid Ultrasonic and Pump Agitated Cleaners

View inside of all Stainless Steel Tank with transducer, coils, float and overtemp sensors shown.