Spec Sciences, Inc has retained an original retrofit developmental unit that we can perform contract cleaning services for you if your cleaning needs do not justify the purchase of one of our systems.  We can clean your hardware, visually inspect it and evaluate cleaning effectiveness. Solvent quality controls will be in place to ensure redeposition of particulates or dissolved solids does not occur

Your parts can be cleaned in alcohol with ultrasonic agitation (up to 1.25W/in3) for typically less than 15 minutes. Coupled with a 1 hp pump for subsurface agitation, this unit can truly expose the cleaning power of alcohol and ultrasonic agitation. The unit has a spray wand that may be used to give your parts a final rinse with freshly purified solvent coming off the purification bed. Maximum part dimension is 11” x 19” x 14”. Applications include flux removal, Porcerax cleaning, stereo lithography prototype resin removal and many other applications.


Please call with cleanliness requirements, part dimensions, quantity, contamination level and racking (basket requirements) characteristics so we  can work up a quote.

For more information about this service:

E-mail info@ultrasonic-alcohol.com or call

607 972 3159

Ultrasonic Alcohol Cleaning (Acetone is Additional)


Flammable Liquid Ultrasonic and Pump Agitated Cleaners