Flammable Liquid Ultrasonic and Pump Agitated Cleaners

Retrofit of TE Freon Degreaser (CFC 113) to Run on Isopropyl Alcohol with a Built in Solvent Purification System, 1 hp Pump for Vigorous Subsurface Agitation and/or Ultrasonic Agitation (circa 1994)

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Our Mission: To provide our customers with the highest quality isopropyl alcohol, alcohol, acetone, or general  flammable liquid cleaning solutions with the lowest recurring cost and environmental impact.   Coupled with this is an absolute commitment to safety for these hazardous duty (Class 1 Division 1 Fire and Explosion Proof) systems.

Founded in 1994 in response to the drive for elimination of ozone depleting chemicals (ODCs) as part of the Montreal Protocol.

Spec Sciences, Inc. eliminated ODCs at several electronics defense contractor locations where Military Specifications required rosin solder flux use.

A majority of the initial installations where retrofits of existing vapor degreasers.

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