Flammable Liquid Ultrasonic and Pump Agitated Cleaners

R2000 Series

Highest Quality Parts and Manufacturing Process. All Stainless Steel Construction

Tank dimensions 16 x 20 standard. Any custom size can be designed and built on up to a 6 foot support structure. Built in purification system customized to your solvent choice, soil chemistry and soil loading. Initially designed in 2000. Pump only systems (no ultrasonic agitation) are available for ~$10K below listed price.

Single Ultrasonic Tank System with Stainless Steel Fume Hood

MTUS Series

Fully customizable cleaning system on up to 6 foot support structure. Ultrasonic agitation, mechanical (pump) agitation and built in purification on as many in series tanks as necessary for your difficult cleaning needs. Initially designed in 2008 for cleaning of hybrid microelectronics, this 4 tank model runs on Axarel™ - acetone –alcohol—alcohol in series with the final alcohol tank containing the built in purification system for the final rinse.

Multi-tank Model for Demanding Precision Cleaning Applications  with Fume Hood not Shown

Open Top Fume Hood Series

All of the features of the above systems are available with a lip vent in place of the fume hood to allow use of overhead crane to support large or heavy parts in a safe, efficient manner.

Crane Supported Systems

BT09 Series

All of the ultrasonic  power densities of our advanced systems yet still fits on a work bench. Optional equipment includes pump and purification system.

Bench Top Systems

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SG12 Large Tank Series

Powerful, effective, safe. This powerful line of cleaners provides multiple integrated ultrasonic transducers combined for safe cleaning with flammable liquids. Unit shown has 4000W power in an all stainless steel 104 x 20” tank and an all stainless steel support and lid system.

Large Tank Series