Single Tank Ultrasonic and Pump Agitated Cleaning System with Laboratory Grade Fume Hood

Product Summary

 Integrated Fume Hood for Operator Safety Plus Odor Control.

 Cooling Coils to Reduce Solvent Loss and Further Control Odor.

 Built in Purification System to Reduce Solvent Use and Flammable Liquid Handling in Your Facility.

 UL or ETL Evaluation of Unit at our Facility or at Your Facility to Ensure Safe Installation.

 All Stainless Steel Construction for Years, if not Generations of Service.

 10 Year Warranty on Ultrasonic Transducers

 Class 1 Division 1 Explosion Proof Electronics

 Nitrogen auto purge system for additional fire protection.

 Liquid level, over-temperature and nitrogen pressure interlocks.

 120V or 220V operation

Spec Sciences, Inc.ís workhorse cleaning system. Absolute quality materials and construction have enabled some of these systems to operate 24/7 for 10+ years without issue.† Applications include military, space and commercial grade electronics, titanium jet engine turbine blades at various stages of nitride coating, control valves, stereo-lithography rapid prototypes and many other applications. Contact us with a part size, we can determine ultrasonic power requirement, pump sizing and purification bed design for a custom system that exactly fits your needs.

R2000 Series Single Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Flammable Liquid Ultrasonic and Pump Agitated Cleaners